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We offer a wide range of high quality e-learning courses to fast-track your career.

About SkillPoint

SkillPoint is a provider of professional e-learning courses. Our E-learning Catalogue offers a variety of courses enabling you to achieve globally-recognised qualifications in Project / Programme / Portfolio Management, Change Management, IT Management, Cyber Resilience, Software Testing and other areas.

We are passionate about continuous personal and professional development (CPD) and helping you to unlock your true potential. We strongly believe that e-learning can improve the lives of individuals, and we are proud to enable our customers to make a difference to their personal lives and professional careers.

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Why learn with SkillPoint?

  • We specialise in professional e-learning courses to provide you with the convenient, flexible and self-paced opportunity to personal and professional development to fit around your flexible lifestyle
  • Our e-learning certification catalogue meets the high standards of the accreditation bodies and enable you to gain the knowledge and skills required to pass the relevant examinations
  • Our e-learning is continuously improving, so is up-to-date with all industry changes
  • We are dedicated to the highest customer care standards
  • Smooth and efficient customer experience with the support of SkillPoint advisors
  • Providing you with the advice and guidance to help you create your own tailored learning journey
  • Providing the support throughout your e-learning, including technical IT support
  • Streamlined and professional processes to enable smooth and efficient customer experience.


Which course is right for you?

Click here to explore SkillPoint’s Career Certification Maps for routes to certify your knowledge and skills, and improve your job prospects.


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